[Uml-devel] Re: Uml-devel digest, Vol 1 #739 - 11 msgs

Achim Spangler Achim.Spangler at mnet-online.de
Tue Dec 16 01:24:01 UTC 2003

Hi Oliver,
thanks for the quick response!

The problem is now fixed for a great part of cases.
The last problematic case is the move of classes which contain other classes 
as member variable. One of my worst-case classes has four different classes
( all in the diagram ), so that it has four diamonds.

As soon as you found the reason for the double call of 
LinePath::calculateHead(), my real problem should vanish completely.

Clarification to my last post:
When I wrote:
> As long as the move of a class or note doesn't trigger the recalculation of 
> connections, everything is very quick.
I meant:
If the move of the class diagram element causes:
+ changed intersection with class symbol and lines
+ change of lines to/from the moved class symbol get
   new crossings with other lines and diagram symbols

--> as long as a class symbol is move in free space where
      none of the previous conditions is given, the CPU load
      keeps low
     ( as long as lines to/from class symbol don't intersect
       with other elements, they are aslo moved quick )

Am Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2003 06:53 schrieb Oliver Kellogg:
> Achim,
> Could you try again with current CVS?
> I added a timer that reduces the number of association
> line updates done during UMLWidget moves.
> Thanks,
>  Oliver
> > On second thought, it's not quite so mysterious.
> >
> > In my test, the first class is the one with the aggregation
> > diamonds, and in fact, LinePath::calculateHead() shows up
> > second in the profile. I think it's an expensive operation,
> > and it's getting called far too often. I will look into
> > a fix for this shortly.
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