[Uml-devel] Autocong, automake and package versions

Alex Borges alex at co.com.mx
Fri Dec 5 17:09:02 UTC 2003

Um, im pretty shure i read most of the instructions for compiling and
the advice of debian compilation. I am confused though of the next

a) Two packages  umbrello2 and UML ....which represents the recomended
branch for production? What should i use? from which do the packages
come from?

b) Upon compiling umbrello2 i got almost no error except a qt
requirement that im not keen to comply to, so i tried UML, that one
crashes at making the configure script claiming a missing AC_Def macro,
which im shure is due to autoconf, automake version misscompliance on my
side.... which versions should i use? (ive tested all available in
debian-ppc sid)

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