[Uml-devel] [Bug 69208] java umbrellorc code adjustments

Harald Wallus wallus at results-hannover.de
Mon Dec 1 07:42:08 UTC 2003

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------- Additional Comments From wallus at results-hannover.de  2003-12-01 16:41 -------
Sorry for some misspelled words above: same -> some and exist to exits.

I think I found one problem in Code Viewer:
If I do a copy from e.g. kate-editor into Code Viewer,
the coding in the Code Viewer is block after the first CR,
which I have copied in.
For example: I copy
 Line aaa
    Line bbb
 Line ccc
from e.g. kate and paste it into Code Viewer
I cannot edit "Line bbbb" and "Line ccc".
If I delete in the Code Viewer behind "Line aaa" till
the CR is delete and the two lines are joined, and then type in a new RETURN,
Then I can edit "Line bbb". Same with "Line ccc".
It looks to me, that the coding representing in umbrello has a type mismatch.
This may be caused the problem, that sometimes the generated code is not affected by changes with the Code Viewer.

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