[Uml-devel] code generation updates (again)

Luis De la Parra lparrab at gmx.net
Mon Jul 29 00:41:02 UTC 2002

--ok, trying again to get this mail through... seems to be a problem with
the attachment, so I'm sending the file in the next mail.

here are some changes I'd made to my cvs copy but for some reason or another
hadn't had time to finish and send them.

Please look at them and commit.

Changes are:

--cppwritter : 
*much better #include handling (it includes headers for parameters and
return types as well) 
*namespace support  (maps UML packages to c++ namespace)
*better documetaion output (jens)
*split up writeClass in various methods
*general improvments, mostly better documentation output and package import
--code generation dialogs (wizard and options)
* minor improvments in layout
* change to be designer-based, looks nicer and is much easier to maintain
than the previous hard-coded layout.

*UMLApp calls codegenerator, which in turn queries the doc for uml objects
(was original design, I dont know why paul moved that code into the document
object itself, but I dont think it belogns there)
*added generateAll method (quick code generation, no questions, just coding)

look at files.differ. it explains which files need to be added and which
need to be removed from cvs, and for which you need ot make diffs.




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