[Uml-devel] [PATCH] Crash while calling properties from listview -> fixed

Sebastian Stein s5228 at informatik.htw-dresden.de
Mon Jul 22 13:38:09 UTC 2002

I found another bug causing UML to crash. If you double click on a diagram
in the UML Diagrams list, you will get to the property dialog. The same
should happen if you use the entry "Properties" from the popup menu.

But UML crashes if you do this. All other "Properties" entries for other
objects work and so it was easy to fix the problem.

Please see the attached patch.


PS: copy the file to uml/uml and do patch -p1 < property_crash_patch.diff
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diff -u alt/mylistview.cpp neu/mylistview.cpp
--- alt/mylistview.cpp	Mon Jul 22 22:31:02 2002
+++ neu/mylistview.cpp	Mon Jul 22 22:27:50 2002
@@ -210,7 +210,7 @@
 		case ListPopupMenu::mt_Properties:
 			umlType = object -> getBaseType();
 			if(umlType >= Uml::ot_Actor && umlType <= Uml::ot_Concept)
-				doc -> showProperties(object);
+				doc -> showProperties(object, ClassPropDlg::page_gen);
 			else if(umlType == Uml::ot_Attribute)
 				object = (UMLObject *)object -> parent();

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