[Uml-devel] weekend

Luis De la Parra lparrab at gmx.net
Fri Jul 19 07:39:03 UTC 2002

ok people... its friday and Im going outta here!!
as you know, dont have access from home (snif.. sniff =((  ) but maybe I'll
try going to some cafe tomorrow see if there's somthing new.

Thomas, Jonathan and Sebastaian agree with me in that it is necessary to
first fix cvs before start thinking about branches or something like that, and
since Jonathan has volunteerd himself to do this act of heroism and has CVS
write access, I think it's a good idea if he can start fixing it over the
weekend (in case you find some free time and hava no other plans, of course... I
know weekend is weekend, so)

Jonathan has a copy of my bz2, which contains:
--my last version of cvs (sent to me by Pascal.. not sure about the date)
--all my code generation stuff (except for Jens's code, which came after I
sent that file)
--all CR/LF problems fixed
--a build system that actually works (should make and install with no

Suggestion: take that bz2 archive, make sure everything is ok, add the
"double click" patch from Sebastian (Steinchen??) and then back up cvs, get rid of
all code there and do a fresh import (make sure not to import the
makefile.in, configure, libtool and such.. look at the mail with the files which should
not be imported)

after this is done, (I'm sorry but) Jonathan is going to have to add the
code Paul had been working on and any other code that didnt make it into cvs by
hand since it is not possible to automate this commits because no one knows
against wich file to diff.

Once this is complete we can all get a new, fresh, working copy of cvs and
start adding stuff to that new code. Hopefully Paul gets a chance to read this
and gives his oppinion before Jonathan finds time to do this, but I dont
think he will have any problems with this.

regards,  and a great weekend to all of you!


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