[Uml-devel] Project coordination

Luis De la Parra lparrab at gmx.net
Fri Jul 19 04:59:03 UTC 2002

> Luis De la Parra <lparrab at gmx.net> [020719 12:50]:
> > is there a way to set SF to notify to the list automatically when cvs
> gets
> > updated?
> Maybe we should forward the cvs commit messages to another list (uml-cvs),
> so that this list doesn't get bloated.

no.. this list is supposed to be for people actually developing for UML
Modeller, and I think it is very important to know what other people are doing to
prevent conflicts and duplicating work. 
Maybe I dont update my cvs every day, so I'd be nice to see is someone
commited a feature / fix before I start implementing it again.
all developers should know what's happening to the code... and there are not
that many people writing to cvs anyways, and they are not going to be
commiting 40 times a day.. I think max. once a day so it shouldnt be too much of a
traffic because of that.


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