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Hi all,

on Thursday 18 July 2002 09:43, Luis De la Parra wrote: 

> Hi all, some answers to some of you...
> > Firstly, thanks for your code.  I'll get Luis who is looking after code
> > g= en.=20
> > to look at your code.


> > When the new version 1.0.4 is released a little app will be released
> > with= the=20
> > program that will convert the older file format.  I may even just
> > impleme= nt=20
> > in the program itself.  I am yet to write this.  Someone else may even
> > wr=
> I would suggest a separate utility... this tool is only going to be used
> once for converting all files to the new format, so I dont think we should
> put it into the program itself... it would then stay there forever.

I would vote for the same.


> > sourceforge. I noticed, that Paul changed the list comparison in
> >
> >   bool UMLOperation::operator==( UMLOperation & rhs )
> >
> > to
> >
> >   if( &m_List != &(rhs.m_List) )
> dont blame him... that was me, but I warned that I did not know if this was
> ok and that I only did it to make my copy of uml to build.. see the
> response above.

No blaming from my end. I admit, that I should have investigated the author 
more carefully, before I threw in the name. Blame this on me!

I just want to get uml as robust as possible and throw in, when I think 
something is not clear. Hope you don't mind.

> > As one can see, the same two lists might have the same contents but
> > different
> > addresses (as they are stored with different objects).
> >
> > I would assume, that 3) is the correct result not 4).
> >
> > Or am I missing something here? Please tell me if I am completely wrong,
> > because then I have to consider to go back to the books on C++ again.
> no.. you are 100% right. I didnt write that code and just didnt have time
> to look at the it deep enough to see if we were trying to just compare the
> addresses, that means, make sure we are talking about the same object, or
> if we wanted to compare the contents of the lists. I just wanted it to
> build. there's nothing wrong with going back to the books once in a while
> though.. ther's always something new to learn!  =))

Oh you are so right =))

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