[Uml-devel] Can't Compile CVS Snapshot

Chris McGee sirnewton_01 at yahoo.ca
Tue Jul 16 17:05:04 UTC 2002

Hello all,

I'm anxious to try the newest version of uml that
you've been working on.

Just a couple of problems that I encountered that are
worth mentioning.

For some reason there are CRLF's in the source code
that's really tripping out gcc/flex. I was able to
strip out all of the CR's and everything seemed to
work just fine until the compiler discovered a
dependency on qptrlist.h which doesn't seem to exist
in Qt version 2.x, which I'm using at the moment.

I would have figured that the configure script would
have picked up on the version mismatch on qt2 vs. qt3
or maybe it should be mentioned in the documentation
as a dependency so that users that are less familiar
with Linux can figure out what's wrong.

Just my 2c,

Chris McGee

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