[Uml-devel] uml update - almost done!

Luis De la Parra lparrab at gmx.net
Thu Jul 11 04:21:03 UTC 2002


ok, I did find some time last night and kind of fixed the build problems.
Now UML Modeller should build and install without any problems. The only
thing you have to do is 
./configure --prefix=(your kde dir)
make install

if you dont use prefix configure somehow doesnt find the kde dir in my
machine and puts everything on /usr/local.
The problem with the program name (the binary was called i386-linux-uml) is
because I was "making" with KDevelop and it was adding the --host --target,
etc options to configure. I just took them away and let configure guess by
itself the host type.

now, when doing "make install" it installs everything as normal, plus
(kdedir)/share/apps/uml/headings/ for the default headings and
(kdedir)/apps/uml/codegenerators/ for the code generation library. The first time you start uml
it finds it automagically.

I also started implementing some items of my own "wishlist" which I sent to
the list some time ago: pressing "Esc" sets the current tool to "select tool"
(like pressing the arrow button on the tool bar) and pressing "Shift"
switches to the previously used tool.

I also wanted to change the cursor shape to get better feedback if you are
on select or "insert" mode, but some how calling UMLView -> setCursor crashes
UML. I left everything ready but I call now the setCursor from the Toolbar
itself, so it changes the mouse pointer only when the mouse is over the toolbar
(the idea is to change the mouse pointer when its over the view). it was
already pretty late so I could not investigate whats wrong with the view... I
imagine I was not getting a pointer to the UMLView object but to something else
wich does not implement setCursor()

The "Shift" feature I had thought a little different too: holding the shift
key down selects the previous tool and releasing it gets you back to which
ever tool you were using, but if you hold down and keep the button holded the
view seems not to recive the mouse clicks events, so, I just did "press shift
(and let go) to use the previous tool, and press it again to go back to the
"current" tool.

The only thing that is now broken is the Add/Remove languages dialog. This
is because I changed the "select languages" dialog, so I have to modify
add/remove accordingly, but I think this is not sooooo important since now uml
recognizes libs automaticaly at start up, maybe it'd be good idea to just take
out the menu entry untill the dialog is working again. you dont really need it
that much anymore.

I'm sending the complete program to paul now, and hopefully he can cvs-in
it, or give it to someone else to put it in cvs.
Then I hope you all can download it and we can start doing some serious test
and giving final touch ups.

let me know what you guys are working on so that we dont double work... I'll
finish the code generation part, and hopefully some one else can check whats
wrong with the view->setCursor... it should be something really easy to fix
but I just didnt see it last night.. was already too tired =(



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