[Uml-devel] Operations with same name

Jens Krüger je.krueger at web.de
Tue Dec 10 06:29:03 UTC 2002

What version of Umbrello do you use? The current CVS version should work 
correctly. May be that you press Enter for confirmation, but the default 
selection is NO.  Please try it again. If the error occurs again give us some 
information about your steps to verify your bug.


Am Dienstag, 10. Dezember 2002 13:11 schrieb Roberto Gerola:
> Hello,
> when a new operation is created with the same name of a already existing
> operation,
> the program asks for confirm, but the new operation is not created.
> It works correctly if you change the name of an already existing operation.
> Thanks
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