[Uml-devel] mailing list / design documents

Ariya Hidayat ariya at kde.org
Fri Dec 6 04:48:02 UTC 2002

hi Luis (and all others),

Although I'm not quite understand about the underlying graphics system, but 
from my limited examination of Karbon (from KOffice package), looks like what 
you guys are looking for is a good rendering system, like in Karbon.

That said, in such case, probably you can make use of VPainter (look at 
koffice/karbon/render), IIRC modelled after PostScript approach. Since it's 
based on libart, you'll even get anti-aliased shapes for good !

I'm CC'ing this mail to Rob, one of key Karbon developer, in a hope that he'll 
provide much more enlighted explanation on this stuff. I hope you don't mind, 
Rob. Your time now to speak up :-)

Best regards,


PS: Umbrello is great and I'm _really_ using it !

On Friday December 6 2002 05:14 am, Luis De la Parra Blum wrote:
> Hi Nikolas,
> just wanted to know if there is a KSVG mailing list somewhere, or where do
> you discuss issues about its development? (only irc?)
> I'm working on a very nice (IMO =) UML tool, called Umbrello, and we are
> about to release version 1.1.  After that is done, we'll probably make some
> big design changes to the program, and I am very interested in switching to
> SVG for the graphics, mainly because it seems that that will be the
> standard for storing diagrams in the new UML specification.
> I'd like to take a look at KSVG and if possible build the diagramming part
> of Umbrello around it. I also found a project called K2D which tries to be
> a SVG-editor built on top of KSVG and could be very interesting for us as
> well.
> Actually what we need is just the SVG viewer (KSVG) with very basic editing
> capabilities, just insert elements and move them around (somthing in the
> direction of K2B, but not as complete)
> I got CVS a couple of days ago, and altough I havn't really had time to
> look in detail into the code,  I think it would be much easier if there
> were some design documents (or if the sources had more comments=).  If
> there is a mailing list I'd like to join and start learning about KSVG by
> watching the traffic.
> thank you,
> Luis.
> pd- If you want to take a look at our project go to uml.sourceforge.net

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