[Uml-devel] realize association bug

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Wed Dec 4 09:07:10 UTC 2002

> Oh, btw (just reading the mailinglist archives), the bug-report thing sort of
> works. KDE currently doesn't allow to set the outgoing smtp server in the
> email configuration, so the default bugs.kde.org, port 25 is used. Which
> doesn't make much sense, as that port is blocked on bugs.kde.org.

It shouldn't get sent to bugs.kde.org, it should get send to
uml-devel at lists.sf.net (which I presume didn't happen since I havn't
received it).

> PS: another wish: pleeeease allow drawing of a system border for usecase
> diagrams. Even Rose is broken in that respect (Together does it).

I'd like to see that too.  Put it in the feature tracker if there isn't
something similar there already (which there may well be).

Jonathan Riddell

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