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> I also use tellico for my video library, and have noticed one change in
> recent versions that I don't like as well.  I don't remember when it
> changed, but tellico no longer populates the production year for
> television episodes and some other videos imported from IMDB, although
> it still populates the production year for most movies.

Yeah, IMDB tends to tweak their HTML every so often so Tellico has to keep
up. And a production year for a TV series, well, since Tellico doesn't yet
do a good job of accounting for a multi-year series, I guess the production
year might be the first year? I'll check the IMDB code and see if I can at
least fix that...

As always, please do let me know about these little details. It helps since
I'm not really checking all the data sources for things like that. I do
have test cases, but all the feedback helps!

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