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Ha, yeah, I noticed something similar when I was testing the file 
import.  I prefix the track numbers for my multidisc albums with the 
disc number, so track 101 for the first track on disc one, 205 for the 
fifth on disc two, etc.  Tellico interpreted the track numbers literally 
as 1xx and 2xx, so helpfully inserted 100 empty tracks at the beginning, 
and about 90 empty tracks between discs.  Not exactly what I intended.  :-)

And just to be clear, I know I've posted a few things recently about 
various limitations with how Tellico handles CDs, but don't want to 
sound ungrateful.  Tellico's awesome and crazy flexible, just hitting 
some cases that there just may be no universally good way to tackle.


On 10/18/21 8:55 AM, J. Allen Crider wrote:
> I just started using the import from audio files and I find it useful 
> because I have a lot of CDs that Tellico won't import from the CD and 
> now that I've discovered import from audio files, I find it easier 
> than entering all the information manually twice, once to rip the disc 
> and a second time to enter the disc in Tellico.  I also like the fact 
> that if I have made changes to titles, artist name(s), etc. before 
> ripping, Tellico will use those changes rather than what it finds in 
> cddb.
> I've used lots of different players over the years, and found that 
> some use the track numbers while others use the file names, and I just 
> got a new receiver with a USB port for my SUV, and I've discovered it 
> ignores both and plays files in the order in which they were written 
> to a USB drive.  So the additional step I normally use with multi-disc 
> sets is using Kid3 to change the track numbers and file names after 
> ripping any disc other than the first.  However, if someone wants to 
> get the extra track listing in Tellico that I discovered yesterday, it 
> is better not to change the track number before importing to Tellico 
> because Tellico will insert blank tracks into the extra listings which 
> is probably not desirable.
> Allen
> On 10/18/21 7:21 AM, Bill Gee wrote:
>> Very interesting!  I use SoundKonverter for all CD ripping.  The 
>> inclusion of disc number and total discs is part of the reason I use 
>> it.  The other is that it can run replay gain calculations at the end 
>> of a rip.
>> The main thing I do different from Allen is that I put each disc of a 
>> multi-disc set in its own subdirectory.  Otherwise mpd gets confused 
>> about which tracks belong to which disc.    It ignores the disc and 
>> track number fields, playing the tracks in sequence by their 
>> filename.  I also do not import to Tellico from the audio files.  I 
>> import straight from the CD.  Next time I add to my collection, I 
>> will have to try Allen's workflow.
>> ========
>> Bill Gee
>> On Sunday, October 17, 2021 9:20:07 PM CDT J. Allen Crider wrote:
>>> Quite by accident today, I discovered something that might interest 
>>> you.
>>>    For reasons I won't go into, I installed SoundKonverter and used 
>>> it to
>>> rip several CDs, including a 2 disc set.  It has two settings that K3b
>>> does not have, Disc no. ? of ?. If one of these is not 1, it will add
>>> "Disc Number", "Total Discs", and "Total Tracks" to the attributes in
>>> Tag 2.  I suspect "Disc Number" is the critical attribute, because I
>>> made a mistake and forgot to chance the settings on the first disc.
>>> After ripping both discs to the same directory using the same album
>>> title, I used "Import Audio File Metadata..." to import the album into
>>> Tellico.  Tellico created a second track list labelled "Tracks (2)" for
>>> the second album.  This list showed up on a separate tab in the album
>>> editor and it showed up as a second list in the viewer.  It probably
>>> wouldn't be very useful for information downloaded from musicbrainz or
>>> discogs, but it might help with albums that have been ripped from CD.
>>> Allen
>>> On 10/17/21 3:29 PM, Jared wrote:
>>>> On 10/17/21 1:07 PM, Robby Stephenson wrote:
>>>>> Since the basic lookup dialog doesn't (yet) have a way to add a
>>>>> complex query that includes separate fields like year or artist, your
>>>>> approach of creating a basic entry and then updating does actually
>>>>> execute a better search. Discogs can use artist, release, and year
>>>>> while Musicbrainz can use artist and release. Both of them also can
>>>>> lookup via barcode if you have a field with that information.
>>>> One more search tip to share - for discogs, tellico let's you 
>>>> search by
>>>> keyword.  I've found that, if you have the physical disc or case 
>>>> handy,
>>>> searching for the catalog number as the keyword usually returns a 
>>>> good,
>>>> narrow selection of results.  That's my current preferred method so
>>>> far.  Obviously that's not much help if you don't have the discs 
>>>> handy,
>>>> but I'm also using this as an opportunity to review my discs as well,
>>>> mark which may have gone missing or were stolen, etc.So, taking a 
>>>> while,
>>>> but going to have a really good catalog at the end.

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