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I really appreciate this email thread since I don't often get feedback or
questions from people who are actually using Tellico. So thanks!

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> One reason I don't rely as much on internet search in Tellico as I used
> to is that the last several times I've attempted to search on
> MusicBrainz is that I've gotten a timeout on the server, and Discogs
> won't return more than 20 results which is sometimes not enough when
> searching for an artist with lots of albums or a common name.

My MusicBrainz search tests all seem to still be working. How often do you
get server timeouts? If it's repeatable, I should look to see if Tellico
can be smart about how its queries are submitted.

For Discogs, yes, I do need to implement the "next page" aspect of looking
through more than the first 20 results.

>  I'm still trying to figure out what Tellico does. Sometimes it uses
> the same match that K3b chose, sometimes it uses the locally saved file,
> and sometimes if gives a list of choices, although it isn't possible to
> know which choice is more likely to be what I want, especially if the
> title, artist, and genre are the same for at least two choices.  The one
> thing I wish Tellico would do is use the locally saved file when cddb
> returns no matches.

Tellico uses a cddb library from the KDE Frameworks platform. In theory, I
think it should behave similarly as K3b, though the handling of multiple
responses would be different. In terms of using the local cache results, it
should be that every time, so I think I'm basically as confused as you are
as to how to explain that.

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