Multi-disc albums

Bill Gee bgee at
Thu Oct 14 19:30:39 BST 2021

For what it is worth, I am also interested in this.

It seems to me the idea could be extended to other collections.  Each DVD in a set could have its own list of chapters, each book in a set could have its own set of chapters ...  

As a suggestion, I think exposing a way to make multiple tables like this is a bit higher priority than figuring out how to import them from MusicBrainz or other online sources.  Once users can make multiple track tables, then a way to import them might be easier.

Searching could be interesting.  If I search for "Funeral For A Friend", for example, I do not know if it is on the first or second CD of the "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" set.  The search function will have to go through all of the track tables.  

If there is a limit on the number of track tables, it needs to be fairly high - at least 20.  I have an LP collection of Bach organ music that has 18 disks, and many other collections with up to 10 or 11 disks.  I think there are some CD sets with over a hundred disks, such as a complete Mozart collection.

Bill Gee

On Thursday, October 14, 2021 1:08:36 PM CDT Robby Stephenson wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 8, 2021 at 10:37 PM Jared Breland <jbreland at> wrote:
> > Hello.  I'm currently working on cataloging my music CDs, using
> > musicbrainz as the source.  I have a lot of multi-disc albums, which
> > musicbrainz seems to recognize and split out, but Tellico lists them only
> > as a single album.  Ie., a 2-disc album with 12 and 8 tracks each is just
> > listed as 20 tracks in Tellico.
> >
> > I'm guessing this is working as intended because I can see how Tellico
> > would be limited to a single Tracks table, but still wanted to confirm
> > before i get to far - is there any way to make Tellico split out each disc
> > into a separate track list?
> >
> Tellico isn't limited to a single Tracks table, but the import from either
> DIscogs or MusicBrainz would not recognize it for importing multi-disc
> albums. Let me add that as a wishlist item and see what I can add.
> Robby

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