exporting cover art

Jared list-tellico at legroom.net
Tue Oct 12 00:08:05 BST 2021

Is it possible to export cover art from tellico to dolphin?  There's no 
direct option, but I can drag and top into and (seemingly) out of the 
cover tab.  If I drag from tellico to gimp, it creates a new image with 
a copy of whatever was dragged.  If I drag from tellico to dolphin, 
dolphin presents this dialog:


However, if I give it a filename and click OK, nothing seems to happen.  
That file is not written to the directory where I dropped it.

Seems like a bug, but not sure what would be causing that.

I know know that a copy of the images is saved under the catalog's 
_files/ directory, but given those names are hashed it's not exactly 
easy to work with.  Would rather than copy from the GUI if possible.

Any thoughts on whether this is supposed to work as I described or not?

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