New user: importing ISBNs issue

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Hello Rich,

>1) When I invoke Tellico there's a message box telling me it cannot load
> I assume this is where books are stored. Where would I find
>it and how do I create it?

I'm not an expert when it comes to Tellico, but the .tc suffix is usually
how Tellico labels user databases. Therefore, it looks to me as though
you've either;

 a) got 'Reopen file at startup' set in prefs
 b) moved/renamed a database called

The combination of which means Tellico can't find the database, and
puts up the error message.

Potential cures would be to either;
 turn off "Reopen..."
 reinstate ''
 select "Clear List" from File menu/Open recent....

The last one (clear list) is the option I'd go for.

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