source for UPC lookup?

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Sat Jan 16 22:41:55 GMT 2021

I understand why this happens.  The purchased application I had before had their own database which was crowd sourced 
from their paid users and which they now charge their users to use.
Lots of uses there.  😁

You can find upc code lookup sites, but they will only give you the bare bones information. I think these are mostly 
used for people selling products or selling a phone app. Not all actually work.
ISBN searches usually give you more information.  If that is all you need is a title that would work.  Here is one I 
found that does both.

@RS Am I wrong?  I thought there was some way to update an entry with another source.
You could fill a database with one source, and protect that data and fill in with another source.
Would it be possible to SEARCH with a UPC database such as one above and then UPDATE with IMBD database

Wonky today, sorry for the rambling.

On 1/16/2021 3:00 PM, Robby Stephenson wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 13, 2021 at 6:05 PM Derek Tombrello <RebelTaz at 
> <mailto:RebelTaz at>> wrote:
>     Since Amazon requires an Associates account (which is like unobtainium for average folks) is there no other source
>     that we can use to do UPC lookups on movies? I have over 600 laserdiscs that I need to scan in and doing this
>     title by title by hand is going to be a nightmare!
> Good question. I'm not aware of any other of the existing sources I have working with UPC search. If anyone is aware 
> of one, let me know.
> Robby

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