Updating ISBN codes in Tellico

José Marcio Martins da Cruz jose.marcio.mc at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 19:03:50 GMT 2021

Hi, Robby,

Only to let you know... This may be interesting...

On 2/27/21 10:47 PM, Robby Stephenson wrote:
> Hi,

> Tellico should validate and add dashes to the ISBN value when it loads the file. I just tested and it worked as I 
> expected. Maybe something else is involved for you. No cover images should be lost, so I don't know why that might be 
> happening.

It works (almost) as espected.

I succeded to convert all VALID ISBN-10 to ISBN-13.

Some of them weren't valid and remained with their original code.

My original problem come from updating entries. At the beginning Tellico was configured to update fields already 
present. So, some, surely, unreliable sources replaced my ISBN-13 codes by ISBN-10 codes. And some of them (26) were 
weren't valid codes.

Hopefully, I took care to check if the ISBN-10 code I was valid before converting it to ISBN-13.

Amazingly is that the error in ISBN-10 codes was a '0' instead of an 'X'.

I replaced all these cases by hand.

Maybe this may be useful if someone fall with the same problem than me.

Best regards


> Robby

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