Questions / Feature requests for bib / pdf

Clément Aubert Clement.Aubert at
Wed Aug 4 15:43:35 BST 2021

Good Morning,

Thanks a lot for offering this great tool to the community.

I have two questions / requests :

- I understand that Tellico can handle string macros in bibtex files 
(cf. for instance "4.4.7 Exporting Bibtex" in the doc). However, I 
believe the only way of inserting those macros is "one by one", using 
Collection -> Bibliography -> String Macros…
Is there any way of telling Tellico to fetch the macros in a .bib file 
containing lines like

@string{Aubert={Aubert, Clément}}

and to update them accordingly?

- Is there any way of "batch" importing multiple pdf in a collection at 


     Clément Aubert, Assistant Professor of Computer Science,
     School of Computer and Cyber Sciences, Augusta University,

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