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Bruno Cornec bruno at
Sun Sep 6 21:17:51 BST 2020

Hello Robby,

On Sun, Sep 06, 2020 at 01:21:44PM -0400, Robby Stephenson wrote:
> There are two actions: 1) create a new blank entry for manual entering
> information, and 2) Searching internet data sources and adding entries from
> there. Right now, those two commands in the toolbar say "New" and "Internet
> Search", clearly not the best. I'm going to change the text for opening a
> new collection to say "New Collection". SO I'm looking for suggestions to
> improve the other two. I've thought of
> * "Manual Entry" and "Add Entry" - first is not a verb and the difference
> may still not be clear
> * "New Empty Entry" and "Add Entry From Internet" - probably too long
> * Add a button to the Internet Search dialog box to add an empty entry and
> remove that command from the menu altogether
> * Just remove the New Entry item from the default toolbar altogether, while
> using different text.
> Anyone care to comment? Thanks!

As a non ntive english speaker, take my suggestions with a grain of salt

I'd call the first one "New item" (works for all collection type IMO), and
I'd keep it as for my use case, I don't necessarily create an item from
the Interrnet systematically, but also manually.

The second could be "New Internet Item", but I'm not as happy with that
one. You'll get better suggestions I'm sure.

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