Local CDDB files

J. Allen Crider software-eng at cridermcdowellfamily.com
Sun May 17 04:24:32 BST 2020

I couldn't find the settings you were talking about, but after some 
searching I discovered I needed to install the kde-config-cddb package. 
I think the default settings are what I want, but I'll see if it makes 
any difference in the behavior of Tellico and/or K3b after installing 
it.  Thanks for the hint.

On 5/16/20 8:06 PM, Robby Stephenson wrote:
> On Fri, May 15, 2020 at 6:43 PM J. Allen Crider 
> <software-eng at cridermcdowellfamily.com 
> <mailto:software-eng at cridermcdowellfamily.com>> wrote:
>     I am primarily using Tellico in conjunction with K3b to rip and catalog
>     my CD collection.  So I normally open the CD in K3b, edit the
>     information if I don't like what it loads or if it doesn't find any
>     information, and save the CD info locally.  I can verify that the
>     information is stored in one of the sub-directories of ~/.cddb.  But
>     I'm
>     not real clear yet on what happens in Tellico if I import audio CD
>     data.
>        I think what I'm seeing is that if K3b did not find the data in
>     whatever online database it uses, Tellico ignores the local file and
>     reports "No records were found to match the CD."  If K3b found data
>     online but I modified it and saved it locally, sometimes Tellico uses
>     the local file, sometimes it offers me two or more choices, one of
>     which
>     may be the local file (it is difficult to determine if I did not change
>     at least one of the title, artist, or genre), and sometimes the choices
>     are apparently all from an online source and don't include the local
>     file, and other times Tellico just uses the same online information
>     that
>     K3b showed before I modified it.
> Internally, Tellico uses the same library that K3b uses (KCddb). I'm not 
> sure what it's expected behavior is, quite honestly. Like you, I would 
> have expected local cache files to override anything else.
> When the CDDB lookup returns multiple results, that's when Tellico asks 
> the user to choose. I'd have to debug into the external library to know 
> for sure. You've checked the Multimedia settings in the systemsettings5 
> app? That's where the CDDB look up configuration values are.
> Robby

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