Local CDDB files

J. Allen Crider software-eng at cridermcdowellfamily.com
Fri May 15 23:43:17 BST 2020

I'm trying to determine when local CDDB files are used, and whether 
there is a way to always access them if they exist.

I am primarily using Tellico in conjunction with K3b to rip and catalog 
my CD collection.  So I normally open the CD in K3b, edit the 
information if I don't like what it loads or if it doesn't find any 
information, and save the CD info locally.  I can verify that the 
information is stored in one of the sub-directories of ~/.cddb.  But I'm 
not real clear yet on what happens in Tellico if I import audio CD data. 
  I think what I'm seeing is that if K3b did not find the data in 
whatever online database it uses, Tellico ignores the local file and 
reports "No records were found to match the CD."  If K3b found data 
online but I modified it and saved it locally, sometimes Tellico uses 
the local file, sometimes it offers me two or more choices, one of which 
may be the local file (it is difficult to determine if I did not change 
at least one of the title, artist, or genre), and sometimes the choices 
are apparently all from an online source and don't include the local 
file, and other times Tellico just uses the same online information that 
K3b showed before I modified it.

I am using Kubuntu 20.04 with all of the dependencies for Tellico 
installed, and Tellico 3.3 compiled from source (although the About 
Tellico message shows Version 3.2.1+git)

Allen Crider

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