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Jared Breland jbreland at
Sat Jan 18 22:40:55 GMT 2020

I've run into a couple issues when searching and importing games
mobygames.  Wanted to see if there are any options I'm missing or a
better method to follow.

1. When searching for a game, is there any way to include the platform
as part of the query?

This generally isn't a big issue other than slowing down the process as
you have to wait for the initial results to come back and then select
the correct platform for every multi-platform title (or games named with
similar titles).

However, with games from early consoles using generic titles, it's
definitely problematic.  Searching for 'Basketball' for Atari 2600, eg.,
returns 30 results, and none of them are the correct version.  Heck,
none of them are even for the 2600.  I ran into a number of games like
that where I had to resort to manual entry because I couldn't find the
game through searching, even through it was in the mobygames database.

2. Are there any options for the cover image that gets imported?  Ie.,
any way to specify the size or the cover type (box, cartridge, etc.)?

At least with mobygames, it always pulls in the tiny thumbnail image. 
It also seems to be inconsistent about which image it selects, usually
going with a box cover but sometimes using the cartridge instead.  I
thought this was initially due to missing box art for the target
platform, but in a couple cases (and forgive me, I don't remember which
now) mobygames did have the front box cover for the 2600 version of a
game, but tellico still pulled in the cartridge instead.

These are not major problems with Tellico, of course, but it's requiring
that I manually touch every game to import the correct/larger art and,
for the generic titles, manually enter all of the game details.  Just
trying to minimize the amount of manual entry necessary.

Jared Breland
jbreland at

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