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We like Drupal very much, but for us that was not the problem.
The landing page of the previous site was the news. Then it made no sense
to make a replica in Spanish, because it would always be outdated.
But now, with the new design of the landing page, more 'commercial' and
static, you only need to translate the pages: "Home", "About", and
"Donwload". And maybe the pages "Screenshots", "Data Sources", "Reviews",
"Mailing List".
The "Changelog" page could be translated from now on, just like "Recent
Post". It is not the first thing the user sees and he has to click on them
to know what's new.
The best would be to enable the multi-language option for your website.
Then copy our translations for the static pages, and finally - every month
- we would translate the important blog entries.


El dom., 23 feb. 2020 a las 2:02, Robby Stephenson (<robby at>)

> On Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 3:01 PM Urban Planet <
> urbanplanet.manticore at> wrote:
>> Simply to report our new blog post, about Tellico:
>> There is reported the creation of a test website for Tellico end users
>> who only speak Spanish, in a free hosting provider
>> We have replicated the official website of the Tellico Project, in
>> Spanish, so you can see how it looks:
> That's great, thanks for sharing! You probably noticed that the website
> recently changed. I needed to switch over to WordPress from and old install
> of Drupal. Hopefully, nothing broke in the process.
> Robby
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