Tellico 3.3 released

Robby Stephenson robby at
Thu Apr 23 02:12:05 BST 2020

I'm happy to announce that Tellico 3.3 is available, with many data source
updates and a few bug fixes.

* Added new coin collection data source from Colnect.
* Update GiantBomb data source.
* Updated data source
* Updated data source.
* Updated Kinopoisk (КиноПоиск) data source.
* Updated Kino-Teatr (Кино-Театр) data source.
* Updated BiblioShare data source.
* Updated TheGamesDB data source.
* Updated Amazon data source. Access keys must be regenerated by users. The
Tellico support is fairly basic since I'm unable to actually test Tellico
using the API. If anyone has Amazon API access and wants to help me out
with debugging, please let me know.
* Updated MobyGames data source.
* Improved z39.50 data source to allow separate character encoding for
queries and responses (Bug 419670).
* Improved the audio file importing to include Album Artist (Bug 419348).
* Added PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X to recognized video game platforms.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed bug with writing invalid XML names (Bug 418067).
* Updated AlloCiné and MusicBrainz data sources to provide notification
that user agents must be enabled (Bug 419309).
* Improved MobyGames data source to cache platform data, allow user
selection of image size, pass through error messages, and use more
efficient API calls (Bug 416718).
* Improved the ISO-5426 character converter.
* Updated python scripts to work in python2 or python3.

Please let me know of any bugs or other feedback, thanks!
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