Z39.50: different query and marc charsets

nunojsilva at ist.utl.pt nunojsilva at ist.utl.pt
Thu Apr 2 14:35:11 BST 2020


Some Z39.50 servers available around here seem to use different
encodings for search queries and marc entries.

For example, catalogo.bnportugal.pt which accepts latin1 for search
queries but uses ISO-5426 for database entries. In yaz-client, I am able
to interact with this server by explicitly setting these character

    marccharset iso5426
    querycharset latin1
    open catalogo.bnportugal.pt

But in Tellico there is only one "character set" option, so either
non-ASCII searches don't work or non-ASCII content in the results is
garbled. Looking at the code (If I am looking in the right place -
z3950connection.cpp?), it seems it's not possible to set separate
encodings for incoming and outgoing data (m_sourceCharSet is used for

Would it be possible to allow the use of different encodings in a
situation like this?

(To configure this server in Tellico: format is UNIMARC, database name
is "bn".)

Nuno Silva

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