Bug in version 3.2.1 forward

Raymond Martin laseray at gmail.com
Fri Oct 11 04:40:20 BST 2019

There is currently a bug in the current code from version 3.2.1
The DetailedListView does not refresh (entry is in the list, but never
brought into view) when an entry is added to the collection from
FetchDialog. As a result EntryEditDialog is never populated with the entry
data (setContents is not called).

I tracked it down to DetailsListView bug fix 391614 in
commit f6d89101ff95cebeb6772f7ecebd084f5b7c6b2f

The complete removal of m_selectionChanging and its associated code causes
this regression. Reverting this removal fixed the problem for me.

Also, in tracking this down I noticed there are numbers of commits that do
not compile. I used git bisect to find the problem and had to spend more
time compiling repeatedly because of this. Not sure what the situation is,
but finding bugs would be easier if only code that compiles is pushed to
the repository.

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