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This is a good program, and I am trying to move away from windows programs,  but it lacks for comics books.

Is it possible in the group view, when you sort by publisher and click the down arrow to see the Series names instead of the titles?  Because it is one big mish mosh of all titles from all series by that publisher currently.

Example Publisher view:  DC Comics -> Click arrow -> See Series instead of Title for that publisher only.
I know you can sort by Series in the group view, and that's ok, but in the collection view, it again shows all comic book issues from all series.  I would be nice if you clicked on a Series in group view that you only see the issues belonging to that series.

Example.  Click On Superman Vol 2 in group view and see only the issues for Superman Vol 2 in collection view. (Both list view and image view).

Hope it's possible.  This program is soo close for me to stop using the windows program I am using.  If you need $$$ let me know.

Thanks :)
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