tellico and SRU Servers as own data definition. (found a problem)

Robby Stephenson robby at
Tue Jun 26 01:46:08 UTC 2018

HI Dennis,

Sorry it took me a bit to respond, I've been on travel.

On Sun, Jun 24, 2018 at 3:26 AM, dennis knorr <dennis.knorr at> wrote:

> Ahoi! :-)
> after digging through the sourcecode and working with the network
> sniffer i identified following working search string:
> operation=searchRetrieve&version=1.1&maximumRecords=25&
> recordSchema=MARC21-xml&query=%22Scheibenwelt%22
> the recordscheme marcxml is not known at the dnb, it has to be
> MARC21-xml, and at first i had problems with dc.title, too. but that
> seems to work.
> this only seemed to work, if i edit the config-file and entered there
> the correct value.

 You can set the recordschema to MARC21-xml directly in Tellico. Add your
accessToken in the parameter list there. I'll attach a screenshot. Sounds
like you got that to work.

at the moment i think, there could be a problem with the order of HTTP
> parameters, but i have to verify that.
> at the moment the search results only show one result, though more are
> delivered. but i have to look into that.

Now, as to why there's only one response, DNB isn't sending back valid
MARC21 XML as Tellico interprets it, based on the Library of Congress
schema. If you modify the installed MARC21slim2MODS3.xsl file slightly,
it'll work. I'll attach a modified copy - overwrite your installed version
or put a personal copy in ~/.local/share/tellico/.

With those changes, I get over 25 results in Tellico.

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