Replacements for Amazon books datasource (Was: Re: How configure amazon ?)

Ian Campbell ijc at
Thu Jul 19 14:19:01 BST 2018

On Sun, 2018-07-08 at 22:27 -0400, sirgeek-tellico at wrote:
> Due to a recent change form Amazon, you need to sign up as an
> associate or you will NOT be able to search for anything in their
> system. 
> You will get a blank packet back from them.

I did this some time ago (not long after Xmas 2017 IIRC). Now I am
getting some mails saying they will cancel my affiliacy if I don't make
a few sales before 1yr (so 6 more months). It's not many but with my
usage I'm unlikely to make any.

So, I think the time has come for me to figure out a new source. Does
anyone have any good tips. I'm primarily using tellico for printed
books and mostly UK editions of things. I do occasionally end up with
overseas prints, especially US, of things, e.g. via marketplace, but
not all that much.

I did sign up for biblioshare but that's predominantly North American

Any advice on what datasources would be best for me?


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