Tellico 3.1.1 Released

Robby Stephenson robby at
Tue Jan 16 02:40:21 UTC 2018

Tellico 3.1.1 is available, with a handful of bug fixes.

* Updated data source.
* Updated Internet Game Database ( data source.
* Updated Internet Movie Database ( data source.
* Improved "Filter by Group" to use a regular expression (Bug 386011).
* Updated Goodreads importer.

Bug fixes:
* Removed deprecated data source.
* Fixed bug with OMDB settings not being saved (Bug 388703).
* Fixed bug with filter selection (Bug 387130).
* Fixed bug with multi-selection and entry editing (Bug 387053).
* Fixed bug with incorrect entry titles in icon view and multiple entry 
icons (Bug 386548).
* Fixed bug for "losing" icons after modifying a collection (Bug 386549).
* Fixed bug with duplicated colons in CSV importer (Bug 386483).


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