Can't fetch information about books

Jose-Marcio Martins da Cruz at
Sat Sep 23 17:32:33 UTC 2017


I was using the Tellico version shipped with Fedora 26 - 2.3.12 - to manage my book collection.

But fetching book information from sources stopped working, in the last few weeks, using ISBN as search key.

So, I upgraded to 3.0.2, compiling from source (git) with the hope to solve it. It still can't fetch book information 
from sources.

Now, having a closer look, it seems that most of my old data come from Amazon. And Amazon seems to have disapeared from 
sources listed in 3.0.2 version of Tellico.

What happened ? Amazon API doesn't work any more ?

Google books seems to not work either or have a configuration problem...

* Google books configuration at tellico asks for an API KEY. Although I have an API KEY, I don't need one to just get 
information about a book. Ex :

978-0-19-280723-6 curl ""

* but, either way, the books I was looking for aren't at Google Books...

I probably need to configure some other sources...



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