Import XML Problem

JAMES IRVING jirv898 at
Wed May 17 22:00:49 UTC 2017


I am using Tellico Collections version 2.3.10+git (under KDE version 
4.14.16) on a Ubuntu-MATE 16.04 system and I cannot import an XML file 
into a New (empty) Video collection.

The only message I get is "Tellico is unable to load the file - output.xml"

How can I diagnose what is wrong?  I don't see any log file or 
indication which elements in the XML file cause the error(s).

I am trying to import into Tellico my video collection data from the 
application "VideoDB" (web-based video collection application).  The 
data was extracted from MySQL to an XML file. I created a basic XSLT 
Transformation file which when run produced the "output.xml" file.  The 
file I am trying to import matches (almost) a test export from Tellico 
containing a few test entries.  The Tellico XML export file successfully 
does the round-trip and imports back into Tellico.

I transformed the ID value from MySQL to maintain a compare and my test 
entries have ID values greater than 1000, could that cause a problem?  
Do ID values have to start at 1?  I also have not Transformed any 
images, but I assume images are optional for import to work.

I could send my files, but I doubt anyone wants to debug my work, if I 
am wrong - just ask.


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