How do I make a list of plays?

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> On boardgamegeek one can register the games played. And I have noticed
> that Tellico has a board game list template. But I am more interested
> into building that played games list.
> It is simply for a given game someone enters a date, a number of games,
> eventually some comments, participants, extra details. In the end one
> can have a final gaming count for each game in the list and if wanted a
> detailed list of past games.
> I can't seem to find a way to attach more than one date to an item (game
> name). Is it possible to have something like that on Tellico? And if
> not, are you aware of any other free software that runs on Linux and
> does this game recording?

 If I understand you correctly, you'd like to have a field where you can
enter multiple dates for the when you've played a game. The best that
Tellico can do right now is for you to create a new Table field, and enter
the date played for one column, maybe the participants in another column,
details, etc...

The only other Linux software that I'm familiar with is GCstar, and it can
have custom fields, as well.

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