Amazon API now requires being an Amazon Associate

Robby Stephenson robby at
Sat Jul 8 01:34:03 UTC 2017

As it turns out, yes, the Amazon API terms of use now require users to 
register as Amazon Associates.


Dear PA API user,
We have an important update regarding the Amazon Product Advertising API 
(“PA API”).

In order to improve the efficiency and ensure that the features offered 
by the PA API which are most relevant to its users, we have restricted 
the PA API access to only active Amazon Associates, effective June 01, 
2017. In order to reinstate PA API use, you will need to have a valid 
Amazon Associates account using the same email address used for the PA 
API account. Please refer 
to sign-up for the Amazon Associates Program.

On 06/26/2017 06:21 AM, Robby Stephenson wrote:
> That does seem possible. I'll check with my wife's Amazon account and 
> see if I get similar issues. If that is what is going on, then you might 
> just want to try other data sources with Tellico.
> Robby
> On Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 3:28 PM, <sirgeek-tellico at 
> <mailto:sirgeek-tellico at>> wrote:
>     __
>     I'm wondering if this "may" have anything to do with the Amazon API
>     changes announced on the 16th ?
>     If they're going to block anyone who is not an active seller from
>     using their database, what will we need to do now ?
>     Matt

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