[Tellico-users] Possible File Generation Change ?

Matthew Soffen (tellico) sirgeek-tellico at mrsucko.org
Mon Mar 21 15:16:51 UTC 2016

Morning All,

I've a request that I think may be really handy as we go to more and more
mobile devices.

When doing the HTML output, Would it be possible to have the tool generate
the HTML and allow for 2 CSS files (or have it as an option that can be

Instead of just having "<style type="text/css">" in the file, Have the
tool create 2 files  - One for Mobile and One for Desktop.  Or even one
that does a more proportionate sized display ?

I'll try to grok a reasonable mobile one together for you to use as a base
line (Unless someone out there has a better handle on doing CSS) :)


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