[Tellico-users] Memory consumption issue

Valerio Ricci valerio.ricci.jp at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 09:54:24 UTC 2016

I am running tellico 2.3.9 under kubuntu 15.10 and I noticed a memory
usage issue when browsing my book collection.

I have a book collection of ca. 650 entries and about 220 of them have
cover images.

The xml file is about 2MB and all the images, stored in a separate
folder are about 130MB in total.

I made the collection some time ago and I started adding the cover
images recently.
To see how many of them where missing I made a filter that follows the
following criteria: cover field contains "."

As expected I end up with my 220 entries listed.

The problem is that when I click on the newly created filter the
memory usage jumps from 44.2 MB to 2.8 GB.

I suspect this is because the images are loaded into memory (and maybe
they are also decompressed from their original .jpg format).

While this can be an expected behavior it can be a problem when you
have to manage a large collection with many images.
I don't have all the images to populate all my 650 entries but making
a simple proportion I can infer that it will take over 8 GB of ram.

For completeness I can say that system monitor reports that 2942648 KB
are heap memory and that this memory is not cleared up when the filter
is unloaded.

Close the application will clean the memory and launch it again
without loading the filter takes the usual 40~MB of ram.

I love many things about tellico and I hope this will help to make it
an even better piece of software.
Best wishes

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