[Tellico-users] Tellico 2.9.92 Released ("3.0 beta2")

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Fri Aug 5 02:05:03 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

Tellico 2.9.92 is available, which is essentially version 3.0-beta2. I 
think this is my last beta version before the 3.0 release.


Changes since 2.9.91 include:
* Change to xz compression, based on KDE releaseme script
* Re-enable libkcddb support
* Re-enable libksane support
* Remove dependency on KDELibs4Support
* Use correct relative file path for command-line options
* Update data source for bedetheque.com
* Improve merging for comic books
* Improve performance for deleting many entries at once
* Fix bug for overly wide dialog box (Bug 362028)
* Fix crashing bug with some empty table values (Bug 361622)
* Fix bug with zero-padding in filter dates (Bug 361625)

This runs pretty well for me, but I still plan to do some more checking 
before releasing it as version 3.0. Users beware and always backup data 


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