[Tellico-users] add sortable table in report

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Tue Oct 13 12:48:58 UTC 2015

Hi Xavier,

On 10/12/2015 10:49 AM, Xavier Brochard wrote:
> I've found a simple way to add sortable tables in Tellico's reports :
> Stuart Langridge has released a little and easy to use JS library that
> do the job (X11 license).
> http://www.kryogenix.org/code/browser/sorttable/
> One add the js lib in the header part of html and then add the
> "sortable" class to the table tag and voila! All table headers are
> clickable for sorting.
> I highly suggest top add this to Column_View.xsl

Great idea, and the Tellico HTML export even already uses the sorttable 
javascript. I agree with you, very easy to use! And adding it to 
Column_View.xsl is a good idea. I'll take a look at that.


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