[Tellico-users] little ideas for ui improvements

Xavier Brochard xavier at alternatif.org
Thu May 28 15:04:16 UTC 2015

Hi Robby

Here are some notes I've taken about Tellico ui. Bad or good ideas ? I'm not 

New menu (From File/New and Toolbar)
Could be rename "New collection" to avoid confusion with "New (item)"

Settings menu / Toolbars Shown 
As it contains only 2 entries, coub be moved directly into "Settings"

Edit menu
Internet Search moved to Collection menu

Edit menu and Settings menu
why Advanced Filter in Edit menu and Group Selection in Settings menu ? IMHO 
both are related to current window display. Advanced Filter has immediate 
effect, it is not only an edit window for saved filters.

Toolbar icon revised with logical grouping and more visible Search and New.
Main toolbar : 
New (collection), Open, Save, Print

Collection toolbar : 
Reports [because it is a similar to print], Fields, 
[next icons are related to window display :]
separator, Group Selection menu, Filter Here box, Filter, 
[New on the right is more visible and easily accessible]
separator, Search, New

Allow user to register and name columns disposal in main window, so that one 
can switch between various useful display.

Best regards
Xavier Brochard
xavier at alternatif.org

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