[Tellico-users] [wish] add filter key : "not saved" or "new"

Xavier Brochard xavier at alternatif.org
Sat May 23 19:40:25 UTC 2015

Le samedi 23 mai 2015 19:27:04, vous avez écrit :
> Adding various books in my collection, I accidentally click on one of the
> sort fields. And i found impossible to return to an unsorted list with all
> new books grouped on top or bottom (which is useful to complete records).
> Even with date field.
> I suggest to add a special key to filters, not related to fields but to the
> state of the record : unsaved or new.

Just in case, one could think that an extended date field (complete unix time 
value) can do the job but it will complicate the code for date sorting, and 
slow down things a bit. While checking for unsaved record will happen only on 


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