[Tellico-users] Exporting tellico file from command line

Steffen Ganschow ganschow at ikz-berlin.de
Mon Apr 13 09:26:48 UTC 2015

Robby Stephenson <robby at ...> writes:

> On 03/16/2015 05:09 PM, Louis-Philippe VĂ©ronneau wrote:
> > The thing is, I would really like to be able to cron a script or a
program on our .tc database to do this
> automatically. Either XMl, HTMl or CSV
> > would be fine.
> >
> > Does anybody know how this could be done? Tellico does not seem to have
a cli interface. I would not mind
> using the C++ code that does this, but
> > since I'm not familiar with Tellico's source code, I fear that looking
myself for it would take ages...
> If you just want XML, it's in the .tc file. The .tc file is just a Zip 
> archive, so you can extract the top-level XML with
> unzip books.tc tellico.xml
> Depending on what kind of HTML you want, you can use xsltproc to convert 
> the Tellico XML to HTML without opening Tellico. This command extracts 
> the XML, pipes it through xsltproc and the tellico2html.xsl shipped with 
> Tellico to output HTML. (ALl on one line)
> unzip -p books.tc tellico.xml|xsltproc $(kde4-config --locate 
> tellico/tellico2html.xsl --path data) - > tellico.html
> Does that help?
> Robby
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this solution is great - simple and efficient. But what if I wanted to
export into a bibtex file? 
The background is the following: I use tellico as my bibliography database
but need to generate a bibtex file for use in latex (or lyx) documents. I
started an incron job that is invoked every time my tellico database is
changed (saved). If there was a simply command-line way to export the whole
database to bibtex I could easily keep the two files synchronized.


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