[Tellico-users] Linux Mint import from Delicious Library

Rodney D. Myers rdmyers.42 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 15:16:15 UTC 2012

Attempted to use the delisious2tellico.xsl you sent back in January on a
fresh Linux Mint Maya 64-bit install.

moving from OSX to Mint, and the distro release 2.3.4

copied into the place as the stock release file.

Exported the books.xml, movies.xml, and music.xml with the

file -> export -> export to other application

method. in opening with an editor, the information all appears there and

when getting tellico started, and with new collection, and attempting to
import using;

file -> import -> delicious library import

and selecting the proper xml file, I get the following error;

Only collections with the same type of entries as the current one can be
appended. No changes are being made to the current collection.

this happens with books importing book, movie importing movies, etc. and
nothing gets imported.

Not sure what else you would require, other than the 3 xml files

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