[Tellico-users] better rankings for your site

Melinda Leary melinda.leary at euserp.com
Sat May 12 07:54:33 UTC 2012


Please let me introduce myself, my name is Melinda

and I work as a link development manager for euSERP.

While doing research for one of my partners I noticed tellico-project.org

and I would like to tell you more about what I can do for you.

In my portfolio I have collection of well maintained websites that can

match your site in terms of subject, quality and relationship.

I would like that both my sites and yours will gain more traffic,

visibility and higher rankings in search engines. If you are interested

and would like to get more information about my proposal I would be happy to send

you all the details necessary to make it happen, just drop me a line.

Melinda Leary

melinda.leary at euserp.com


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