[Tellico-users] Loading multiple .tc files doesn't keep there own format

Bruno Cornec bruno at victoria.frmug.org
Sun Feb 26 09:13:31 UTC 2012


I have multiple .tc files corresponding to multiple collections (CDs,
DCDs, ...), that I've all customized. I have also customized the display
of the various columns in the main view (the columns displayed, their 
order, and their width to fit well on my screen) for each .tc, and these
choices are different per file.

If I load first the last file, it generally works without issue.
However, very regularly, when I change .tc file to add an element in the
other collections, the display becomes broken: I don't have the columns
wanted, not the size, nor the order respected.

Would it be possible to record that information, when we save in tellico
? What I mean by that is if you change for example the size of a column,
without changing data, you can't save the new .tc file with the new
layout (same if you just change the order, add a column, ...). 
At least, it would be great that tellico respects the various
layout between the files and not mix and match them sometimes.

I'm becoming so dependent to tellico, that even minimal bugs like
that become annoyances !

I can provide the various .tc files in order to reproduce the issues.
and of course I'm ready to test patches.

And as usual thanks a lot for your wonderful software, as I couldn't
manage my data without it today !

Best refards,
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