[Tellico-users] missleading error message?

Sandor Bodo-Merle sbodomerle at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 18:34:12 UTC 2010

I just wanted to add a new book to my collection (kept as a zip/tc file with
cover images included) - using the amazon fetcher, when i run into the

After entering the books ISBN Amazon fetched the result correctly. When i
clicked on it the details of the book appeared but with the following error
"The cover image could not be loaded."
And indeed there was no cover image.

This message led me to investigate the amazon fetcher - but after a few
i found the real problem for this: my /tmp folder was full (another process
trashed it since i opened the tellico collection).
I think that this message is missleading because at this point tellico try
to fetch (or load) the image from amazon, and as such i associate the
failure with the
data provider and not with local storage problem.

BTW, this is the relevan code block in amazonfetcher.cpp which should be
improved IMO

 711 //  myDebug() << "grabbing " << imageURL.prettyUrl();
 712   if(!imageURL.isEmpty()) {
 713     QString id = ImageFactory::addImage(imageURL, true);
 714     // FIXME: need to add cover image field to bibtex

 715     if(id.isEmpty()) {
 716       message(i18n("The cover image could not be loaded."),
 717     } else { // amazon serves up 1x1 gifs occasionally, but that's
caught in the image constructor
 718       // all relevant collection types have cover fields
 719       entry->setField(QLatin1String("cover"), id);
 720     }
 721   }

Maybe the ImageFactory should be extended to check for the case when it is
unable to add the image because out of disk space?
Unfortunately i have limited time to dig into this atm - but it would be
nice to fix tellico against "disk full" condition in some way...

And this happened on Ubuntu Maverick with KDE 4.5.1 and tellico compiled
from trunk.

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