[Tellico-users] Re: Automatic crash report generated by DrKonqi for Tellico.

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Sat Nov 20 23:09:45 UTC 2010

On Thursday 18 November 2010, slider wrote:
> 18.11.2010 17:45, Robby Stephenson пишет:
> > Hi, can you provide more details about reproducing the crash? The
> > backtrace doesn't have any information from Tellico in it so I can't
> > investigate the cause.
> What sort the information has value?
> P.S. The error arises, when I spend import of files from external
> volume, by addition to already existing base (about 7500 files).

So you're importing into a file catalog from an external drive? The crash 
history seems to go through Strigi, so that would be consistent. Is it 
possible for you to installed Tellico with debug symbols? I don't know what 
distribution you're using or whether you compiled it yourself. The crash log 
that you submitted does not include any Tellico information since your 
version of Tellico was not compiled with debug support.

> P.P.S. I am sorry, for my English.

No worries, I appreciate the help with the crash.


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